Learning curve

A Kindergartners perception of public school effected by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

"She tells me all the time, "Mommy can i please just go to school, can i please just go to school." She dreads it." - Brittany young 

Local kindergartner Marjorie Young attends Jody Richards Elementary School for the first time. She finally gets to meet her teacher behind the screen, and her classmates that she once saw sitting in little boxes on her ipad. 


Marjorie is a local kindergarten student in Bowling Green, Kentucky that has had her entire school instruction online as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Marjorie is fun loving and never wants anyone to be mad at her, she wears her heart on her sleeve, kind of like her mama.” Said Marjorie’s mom Brittany. Her dad with an essential job and her mom working from home through zoom, leaves it all up to Marjorie to access her google meets and complete her daily assignments on her own. The local Bowling Green Public School that she attends  has seen a completely virtual schedule, a hybrid schedule, and an in-person distanced learning schedule, all in just the Spring 2021 semester. Knowing how to work a computer once being a skill, is now expected of Kentucky students from the beginning of their instruction.  


"It's just not normal. you shouldn't have to see your classmates on zooM."